Discussions which formed the beginnings of the Sacramento Coalition for Digital Inclusion first occured in the fall of 2018, inspired by a Brookings Institution report on the strengths and weaknesses of the Sacramento Capital region.

The topic of digital equity became a widely-popular community topic, which resulted in the Sacramento Public Library hosting the Sacramento Digital Inclusion Summit in January 2019. This led to the creation of the Capital Region Coalition for Digital Inclusion. Its founding Steering Committee held more than 40 members, and it was comprised of the following organizations:

  • The City of Sacramento
  • The Sacramento Public Library
  • Los Rios Community College District
  • California State University at Sacramento
  • Capital Region Workforce Boards
  • Clear Strategies LLC
  • Valley Vision
  • Social Ventures Partners

In 2019, the Coalition built collaborative relationships, conducted assessments of needs including through community engagement, and produced an initial report focused on increasing digital access through two avenues: affordable Internet and devices, and digital literacy/skills. Additionally, the City of Sacramento passed a resolution in October of 2019 to launch National Digital Inclusion Week in the region.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the work of the Coalition became even more important. The need for a funding mechanism to drive momentum and staff this increasingly relevant body of work required an urgent solution.  Valley Vision has been successful in securing funding to continue and expand this valuable work through the Capital Region Workforce Boards, on behalf of community partners and stakeholders.