Bridging the Broadband Divide, Together

Digital Inclusion Resources

Presenting an easy-to-use and comprehensive search tool for digital inclusion and literacy resources in the Capital Region.

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Community Analysis

Continuously researching the trends and demands that must be met in order to get people connected

Broadband Infrastructure

Extending broadband access & boosting subscribership to the internet across the Capital Region

Digital Literacy

Providing affordable & accessible resources for everyone to increase their digital literacy skills

Broadband access is not a luxury, but a necessity

Our Story

The Sacramento Public Library hosted the Sacramento Digital Inclusion Summit in January of 2019 with the mission of promoting digital equity within the region. This led to the creation of the Sacramento Coalition for Digital Inclusion

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Digital Skills, and the learning opportunities they create, translate to all facets of life.

SCDI’s recommendations and the opportunities those recommendations create aim at bridging the digital divide, but also work to create meaningful learning and critical thinking opportunities for residents of our region.

Our Coalition

This document presents the SCDI Action Plan 2021, the roadmap to advance the SCDI’s goals in three core areas: broadband access and adoption, hardware devices, and digital literacy and skills.